We are Julia and Enrique. We discover that wonderful breed at the end of the 80's.




We started to breed Gos D'Atura in Spain when there where only a few of them in Spain. We were one of the first breeders in the country, with a few more in Catalunya.

Along all this years, we tried to breed the typical standard of the breed, and to have good quality dogs.

We dont live from the Gos D'Atura, we live for the Gos D'Atura. We only breed two litters a year and we study all the pedigrees and characteristics before we decide the mating.

  This animals changed our life style. We moved out in the country, so they can enjoy their freedom and weather.

 We show our "4x4's" (thats how we call them) with exercise, good quality food and of course loving care.

Years later, we discover another lovely breed, the French Bulldog. We felt in love with those lovely clowns!


We also are judges of the following breeds:


Julia Agudín Rodriguez

Judge : C.A.C.I.B

F.C.I. - Grupo 1
Catala Shepherdog (Gos d'Atura Catalá) Specialist (F.C.I. no. 87)
Briard (F.C.I. no. 113)
Bearded Collie (F.C.I. no. 271)
Border Collie (F.C.I. no. 297) 

F.C.I. - Grupo 9

Shih Tzu (F.C.I. no. 87)
French Bulldog (F.C.I. no  101)
Pug Carlino (F.C.I. no. 253


Enrique Vadillo González

Judge : C.A.C.I.B

F.C.I. - Grupo 1
Catala Shepherdog (Gos d'Atura Català) (F.C.I. no. 087)

F.C.I. - Grupo 2

Mastin Español (F.C.I. no. 91)
Mastin del Pirineo
(F.C.I. no. 92)

F.C.I. - Grupo 3
Gos Rater Valeciá
(F.C.I. no. 407)

F.C.I. - Grupo 9
French Bulldog (F.C.I. no. 101)



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